The Gentlemens Club 1998-Always.

This project is a little different, not as polished, not a concept, but more real life. Nevertheless it certainly plays into the things that nag in the back of my mind artistically in the past few years, memory, nostalgia, the attempt to evoke feelings with images.  U st used to be my home. I lived in this house longer than I've live anywhere else in my life. Its where I became the woman I am proud to be. Its where I landed when I left home, it's where I met the love of my life, its where I finally faced some of the demons of my childhood, Its where I lived when the first of my childhood friends died, its where I met many of the people who are still my best friends. And now, after all these years of not living there, no one I know will be living there.  I wanted to photograph the things I will remember most, the cracks, the dust, the little faultlines of a place I love.  I didn't edit the last photo that way, the camera just pixelated the shot and shut itself off, I suppose when its time to go, its time to go. 

Date: 10/30/16