Conjuring Dot

I read an interview with author Alan Moore where he talked about there not being really any difference between art and magic.  Magic and art both speak to evocation, invocation, and conjuring.  Moore said the act of creating art should be faced with the same respect as conjuring a demon.

 It is this idea I wanted to explore with this project.  Could I conjure a woman just through photographing  her personal effects? Could I create a state where viewers felt as though they knew her, thus creating something real?

I further chased this idea through reading, and I was particularly affected by Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult. Where writer Grant Morrison discusses the idea of the Hypersigil: an extended work of art with magical meaning and willpower, created using adapted processes of sigilization. This project would be my hypersigil. And so I created my Sigil,  a magical symbol and process created specifically for this process, and I let it lead me where it would.  Almost immediately I was drawn to a small yarn piece I had bought at the thrift store years ago, embroidered with the name “Dot Brisco”.As soon as I began the process I was totally drawn to this piece and that name. so this show is about conjuring Dot.

 I allowed myself to think on the piece out of the studio, feeling out different ideas, exploring different techniques, but ultimately I really tried to let the magical process lead to the results.